Gardens By The Bay Revisited

Posted by Singapore pictures on February 08, 2013
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Before leaving Singapore in March my wife and I plan to re-visit some of our favourite places. First on the list was Gardens by the Bay as shown in this post. The original post can be found here

Gardens by the bay singapore

The picture above is one of many beautiful and rarely seen flowers at Gardens by the Bay in Singapore. As you can tell I’m not a particularly good photographer, but I think this one came out okay and is the best picture I took on this visit. I have forgotten the name of this plant so if you have any idea what it is called please let me know.

indoor plants at gardens by the bay singapore

There are thousands of different plants and cactus inside the conservatories and you could spend hours admiring them. There is also an indoor waterfall which is pretty spectacular, but don’t get too close or you will get very wet.

indoor waterfall at gardens by the bay in singapore

Having never seen a bottle tree this was a pretty interesting tree to discover. Basically if I understand it correctly the bottle tree stores rain water at the base and uses it when there is a drought.

gardens by the bay - bottle tree

Naughty looking cactus – or have I just got a dirty mind?

naughty looking cactus

Indoors you can take a walk on the raised walk way shown above, which gives you excellent views all around the conservatory and outside gardens too.

walking around the conservatory

As well as plants and flowers there are many sculptures and carvings that are on display too. For some reason I quite liked the hand carved wooden boats the most.

gardens by the bay sculptures

small hand carved wooden boats

I was glad to have revisited Garden by the Bay in Singapore, as last time we never explored the indoor conservatories. Beaten by the heat and the lengthy queues on the last visit we cut our trip short. This time was much quieter and so I would say that this is definitely a place to visit if you are in Singapore. There is a little something for everyone whether you are young, old or something in between, so I’m sure you will enjoy it.

Just a note on how to get to Gardens by the Bay, if using the Singapore MRT (Mass Rapid Transit) make your way onto the yellow line and depart at the Bayfront MRT station. The gardens are a short walk underground from here.

Pictures of Singapore Grand Prix – Perhaps one of the best things to do in Singapore

Posted by Singapore pictures on September 29, 2012
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A little late posting this but here are the pictures from last Sunday of the Singapore Grand Prix.  The good news is that this event is now confirmed to be hosted for another 5 years, so if you are able to go then I would recommend it as the Grand Prix is certainly one of the best things to do in Singapore.


marina bay street circuit

singapore grand prix


Unfortunately I still haven’t mastered how to take very good pictures, especially of moving objects such as the McLaren car pictured below that I think was Lewis Hamilton driving through the pit lane.


McLaren at Singapore Grand Prix


On Sunday night we were sitting right beside Turn 1 which gave us a good view of the cars starting and the best action at most Grand Prix’s always happens at turn 1 on lap 1.


turn 1 singapore grand prix


At the end of the race many fans were allowed down onto the track.  We were a little slow getting down so missed seeing the drivers standing on the podium, but pictured below is an empty podium.  Maybe I’ll Photoshop it with the drivers in later :)


podium at singapore grand prix


Another nice thing to see were fans from around the world all supporting different teams and drivers who were getting on well and just enjoying the event together.


different nationalities at Singapore Grand Prix


Behind the fence but still managed to see them was Jake Humphrey from the BBC interviewing Christian Horner the Red Bull racing team principle.  Alongside them is Eddie Jordan wearing one of his famous shirts.  Just off shot was David Coulthard.




The final picture is the garage of Sebastian Vettel who was the eventual winner of the 2012 Singapore Grand Prix.  I would like to have gotten his picture but large crowds and even larger fences made it impossible this time.


sebastian vettel garage