Singapore Airport Pictures

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Singapore airport pictures


The airport at Singapore is called Changi Airport (SIN) and this has to be in my top 3 of favourite airports that I’ve had the pleasure of going through. Once you enter the airport you will walk into a calm ambiance and everything seems to run very efficiently. Like most things in Singapore this airport is sparkling clean and you will find the staff all very pleasant and helpful.

Once through to departures you will find a vast array of shops and eateries, in fact everything you could need is here while you wait to board your plane. Lush greenery helps keep a calming atmosphere that Changi airport exudes.

While walking around I took the opportunity to take pictures of the following:

The Tower from outside.

The outside of Singapore Airport at terminal 3 which was very quiet today.

The Crowne Plaza hotel that you can enter through Singapore airport itself. This hotel looks impressive from both the inside and out and you won’t find another hotel that is closer to the Airport at Singapore than The Crowne Plaza. I’ve also included a picture of one of the entrances inside Singapore Airport itself to The Crowne Plaza Hotel.

While taking a break I stopped for an Ice Mocha at one of the many coffee shops that are available inside all of Singapore Airport Terminals.  Then went and admired the Sculptures by the Singaporean artist Han Sai Por that are on display in Terminal 3 and things like this truly keep this Airport head and shoulders above many other airports around the world.

Creating a calm ambiance is helped by the number of water features that you will see as you make your way through Singapore Airport. I’ve included one water feature picture from inside and a large outdoor water area too.

Moving between Terminals is a breeze thanks to the efficient Sky Train that connects passengers between all three Terminals. Unfortunately at present the budget Terminal is not connected by the Sky Train but there is a free bus service that goes between Terminal 2 and the budget Terminal at frequent intervals.

Once you arrive there are many ways to make your way into Singapore City. My favourite method by far to get around Singapore is by using the MRT (Mass Rapid Transit). This is the railway system that operates and covers a very large part of Singapore. You can find the MRT inside the Airport itself or if you prefer there are a number of taxi ranks or of course a good bus service.

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